Rare photo of Alexander Sheps mom made a splash

Редкое фото Александра Шепса с мамой произвело фурор In one of public has appeared the medium with a relative. As noted by the fans of the project “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps, a young man very similar facial features to the mother. By the way, the fans rarely look at the footage of the winner of the fourteenth season in the family circle, as he often shares photos from the shoot.

      Редкое фото Александра Шепса с мамой произвело фурор

      One of the most memorable participants of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps often becomes the hero of the discussions in communities dedicated to a mystical show. The winner of the fourteenth season, leads microblog, which shares photos from filming, or funny commercials featuring the girlfriend of Marilyn Kerro. However, Sheps reveals rare family pictures.

      It is known that Alexander has a younger brother, Oleg, who also possesses psychic abilities. Mother Lyudmila is fairly well known for their gift among the inhabitants of Samara, the hometown of Isaac. Woman know how clairvoyant and physician, spiritualist and Tarot reader. Wrote a number of publications, the medium received abilities from my mom.

      In one of the publics on social network “Instagram” appeared a rare shot of Alexander with a relative. Fans of Isaac noted that mother and son are very similar. Some netizens thanked Ludmila for such a talented successor.

      “Such cute, mom – smart, the kind of psychic birth”, “the Apple from the tree!”, “Beautiful”, “Very cute”, “Seen a good man”, – wrote the song “the battle of psychics”.

      Apparently Alexander is very close to my mom, because she supported him in that moment, when he discovered his magical gift. In adolescence Sheps even dedicated to Lyudmila poem in which he expressed all his emotions.

      The world bestowed the womb.
      The fruit that came, was sent by the gods.
      The force flows over him
      Sees and treats your son with your hands.
      Spirits to protect me
      In my ear tell me the right answer.
      Pass by any trouble,
      The right way show me the light!

      You had not the prophet
      You gave life perfect soul,
      You got a gift from God
      He multiplied thy all in me!

      We will remind that Alexander travels to workshops in cities of Russia, and also conducts techniques in Samara. In addition, the Sheps and Kerro opened a shop “Workshop magic”, where you can buy amulets, herbs and other products of this kind. Last year the winner of the fourteenth “the battle of psychics” published a book “Medium: in search of life” in which he gives answers to questions many people. In the first part, there are bright and deep essay of the medium, and the second – the poems of Alexander, written at different periods of his life.