Кэти Перри заплатила 50 тысяч долларов за свидание с Орландо Блумом

Work is work, and when graphs are very dense, the stars are very hard to see with the second half. Katy Perry and Orlando bloom have been Dating for years, but for meetings still need special occasions. For example, recently Katie had to pay 50 thousand dollars in order to see her lover.

As you know, from forest fires affected many. Some have lost their homes (some celebrities are also included in the list of victims), the other for a long time could not find a family! Therefore, the stars are now actively engaged in charity to help the victims. Katy Perry took part in a charity concert whose purpose was to collect cash assistance to victims of wildfires in Malibu. To cope with the fact that one of the lots was Orlando, she couldn’t.

Fans could pay a certain amount to get the opportunity to go not only for dinner in the restaurant, but the walk through the night city on a motorcycle bloom. The lot represented herself Perry: “During this trip, you’ll hold him so tight that I really don’t like it. For all of his muscles… You can do it all in 45 minutes… and you’ll be able to look in his brown eyes!”

The singer is so “lit up” when told about the date with her boyfriend, he decided — she will not give anyone any bloom. However, during the story already the crowd was quite willing, and one girl was willing to give 45 minutes of 20 thousand dollars. But soon Perry decided that you are ready to pay 50 thousand dollars to spend that time with a guy.

And there are some 50 thousand dollars. Every year Forbes publishes the rating of highly paid singer, which this time was headed by Katy Perry. Last year, the most earned for the year of Taylor swift, but now she had to move, giving way to a sweetheart Orlando bloom.

Over the past 12 months, the singer earned a whopping $ 83 million, which is 3 million more than the singer’s “Blank Space”. 18 million Perry has surpassed Beyonce, which eventually earned 65 million. Also, added to the list these artists: Pink (4-th place, $ 52 million), Lady Gaga (5th place, 50 millions), Jennifer Lopez (6th place 47 million), Rihanna (7th place, 37, 5 million), Helene Fischer (8th place, 32 million), Celine Dion (9th place, 31 million) and Britney Spears (10-th place, 30 million).

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