Cheryl Cole has arranged a family night with my daughter Lydia

Виктория Дайнеко устроила семейный вечер с дочкой Лидией
Victoria Dayneko published in an unusual Instagram post. Vick showed a tree that was clad in the company of his daughter.

Виктория Дайнеко устроила семейный вечер с дочкой Лидией

Baby Lydia was directly involved, advising the mother where all the hang of a particular toy.

It turned out that this year, Victoria got a tree, which after New year will not be sent to the trash, and will continue its life, sprouting roots in the ground.

“The holiday comes to us! The first time my daughter dressed up a Christmas tree and she told me what kind of toy where to hang. The tree in the pot with roots, to her life did not stop after the Christmas holidays, but on the contrary then was able to continue on the street in the land.”

– Victoria has shared in Instagram.

In my opinion a great idea! Any of you bought such a tree? Interestingly, much more expensive than felled?

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