Кейт Миддлтон рискует навсегда утратить доверие королевы
The absence of the Duchess on parade whipped up rumors about her possible pregnancy.

Кейт Миддлтон рискует навсегда утратить доверие королевы

Kate Middleton

Photo: Splash News/East news

Yesterday the British had to experience the bitter disappointment. Expected
all the appearance of the wife of Prince William on parade on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day
it was not held. And because the distribution on the occasion of the feast of bouquets from trilistnika (clover),
the symbol of Ireland, was considered one of the onerous responsibility it is the Duchess
Cambridge. However, were disappointed not only ordinary residents of the “Albion”. Say, Elizabeth II was also extremely dissatisfied “demarche” the wife of the heir to the throne.

Honor to take in this holiday parade by the old tradition, got one of the ladies,
belonged to the Royal family. To Kate, for example, honorary
the responsibility was managed by daughter Elizabeth II — Princess Anne. But from 2012 the year the right to award on St. Patrick’s day bouquets clover Irish guards moved to
the Duchess of Cambridge. Since then, Kate every
year faithfully performed his duty. And last March, William and his wife attended
on holiday together.

What has actually happened this time, remains
only guess. The representative of Kensington Palace, explaining the lack of
the Duchess at the parade, referred to the fact that she wanted to spend the day with
the children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Because very soon, in just a few weeks, Kate and William
have to be separated from their offspring. They will go in long
tour to India, where they take no risk. But that’s the official version,
which believed not all.

The lack of the Duchess of Cambridge on the important
the event brought a new wave of rumors that she is allegedly pregnant again.
While skeptics seriously doubt the possibility of such turn of events.
After all, if Kate really was pregnant, she most likely would be canceled
difficult her upcoming visit to hot India.

However, in the absence of his wife, William and myself perfectly
coped with the task, which this time is for him. Shining Prince in the form
Colonel of the Irish guards were handing out bundles of trilistnika guards. It’s funny
that “bouquet” of clover got even a guard dog, a wolfhound named Domhnall serving
together with the soldiers.

Kate Middleton,Elizabeth II

Photo: Splash News/East news

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