Кейт Миддлтон и Принц Уильям впервые посетили Тающий ледник, чтобы оценить степень глобального потепления

Кейт Миддлтон и Принц Уильям впервые посетили Тающий ледник, чтобы оценить степень глобального потепления
Kate Middleton and Prince William continue their tour of Pakistan, focusing on the effects of climate change on mountain North.
Prince William and Kate Middleton opened for the third day of their Royal trip to Pakistan and it began with a trip to the mountains.
Trip of the Royal couple to the environment is part of their desire to see the impact that gives climate change and global warming have on local communities in the Northern region of the country.
Upon arrival, members of the Royal family were presented with a traditional hat chitrali, when they landed in Chitral, Hindu Kush, near the Afghan border. Kate wore her traditional hat with warm scarf and colorful embroidered jacket, which she also gave, wearing her leather vest, brown shirt and skirt with belt. William, who wore a long white embossed coat, put on my new accessory over a green button-down shirts and trousers.

For William this visit had another special significance because his late mother, Princess Diana, visited Chitral during his first solitary visit to Pakistan in 1991. Diana also gave the hat Chitrali during her visit, the very same hat in a traditional style, which Kate wore during ceremonial events in the environment.
Depicted on a background of mountains and the dazzling blue sky, Kate was handed a bright white hat with a feather and a badge to come, when she and her husband arrived in the mountains to the North of the country.

The Royal couple was also happy that she showed a book with photos of Diana when she visited the Northern mountainous district in 1991. “Ha, ha, ha! “Same hat!” said William, turning over the pages devoted to her visit. “A very special moment,” added Kate.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received gifts at the official reception in the area of Chitral in Northern Pakistan, where they spend the day, illuminating environmental problems.

Men usually wear Chitrali hats, but Princess Kate handed one, since it is a well — respected VIP visitor, as Diane during your visit.
The presentation of gifts took place when members of the Royal family went to glacier national Park Ciative of Brogel located in Chitrannam district of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There they learned from experts about how climate change is affecting glacial landscapes, and walked the Northern extremity of the glacier, and will see how it has receded in recent years as a result of global warming.

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