Кейт Хадсон снова влюбилась в музыканта

The name of the actress Kate Hudson over the past few months appeared in news reports exclusively in conjunction with brad pitt. The star of “War brides” matchmaker to the divorcing pitt and even put them under the same roof as that brother Keith gave a very funny and witty comment. But now it’s not about that.

Hudson turned out to be irrelevant to the pitt, because in love with another man. New elect, the actress became the guitarist of the band Chief and founder of record company Lightwave Records Danny Fujikawa.

For the first time on eyes of the paparazzi caught a couple in early March of this year. Kate and Danny did not hide their interest in each other, hugging and kissing.

Since then, the beloved was not seen together until today. Hudson and Fujikawa walked around Los Angeles. “ToKate hugged him and kissed. They no doubt look like a real couple”, — said a source for People magazine.

Note that the choice of actress again fell on the musician.

Earlier, Kate Hudson was married to the lead singer of the Black Crowes Chris Robinson for 7 years. In this marriage she gave birth to son Ryder (13 years old). Then Kate met Muse front man Matthew Bellamy, the couple has been engaged for 4 years, but at the end of 2014 still announced the breakup. Matthew and Kate brings up 7-year-old son Benjamin.