VIN Diesel has told how Helen Mirren “knocked out” his role in “fast & Furious 8”

Вин Дизель рассказал, как Хелен Миррен «выбила» себе роль в «Форсаже-8»

Actress Helen Mirren is not an ordinary 70-year-old grandmother, who at the weekend to visit grandchildren. The actress has already repeatedly proved that she is a woman with an active lifestyle, because the movies themselves selects the appropriate. Last year Helen said that dreams of becoming part of the racing franchise “fast & furious”, and this year she embodies the dream. About how Mirren was able to join the team, “Fraga” said lead actor and producer VIN Diesel.

“People usually don’t think over the subject, over the key story of the film we writers work ahead of time – at least for the year. Helen came up to me at a party last year and said, “I want to work with you in the fast and the Furious”. The script has already received a green light from the Studio, but she went to the right person – so in a week she already joined us”, says Diesel.

In the film Mirren got the role of mother criminal brothers Owen and Deckard Shaw (their roles were played, respectively, Luke Evans and Jason Statham) who for several parts of the franchise do not give the team of Dominic Toretto to live in peace.

The premiere will take place very soon – on April 13 of this year.