Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas spotted on date

Кейт Хадсон и Ник Джонас замечены на свидании

Was, was, was, was not, proshloe! Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas, who seem to said goodbye, leaving the public in the dark about his novel, again, were seen on a date.

Sweet couple noticed in one of the Italian restaurants in new York city last Sunday.
37-year-old star of the film “mother’s Day” looked quite sexy in jeans-bottoms and a purple jacket (hippies they are in America hippies), but the 23-year-old cavalier Kate didn’t stand out from the crowd, preferring green shirt, pants and jacket. Both he and she this evening published the same photo taken at an Italian restaurant.
I must say that this is the first release of a couple in light from February (when they went on a date in Los Angeles), after which the actress and singer gave all to understand that they are alone. And yet on 27 April, Nick assured the journalists UsWeekly that doesn’t date and prefers working.
“In my life came a period when my job became my main focus. I meet people, have fun, but no serious relationships I have no” — flatly said Jonas.
Except for Kate, who is raising a twelve year old and four year old sons, Nick has been seen several times on a date with Lily Collins, and the last serious relationship he had with Olivia, Kalpa. The couple broke up last June after two years of relationship. Hudson now also officially a free woman – she had broken up with her fiancé and the father of the youngest son Bingham with Matthew Bellamy.

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