Катя Гордон мучается от осложнений беременности
The actress stays in a depressed state.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Kate Gordon said that it is difficult to tolerate the last month of pregnancy. The TV presenter, in her own words, suffers complications that made her life “creepy”.

“Frankly… I’m very tired of this existence is not
in full force. Last month, a creepy Dude… I kicked inside, heartburn
just from everything and sleep like a drunkard. Mentally I’m fine, but
physically, I feel disabled… Happiness
sort of happiness, but last month, a gesture…” admitted Kate.

Incidentally, this is not the first time for the pregnancy of Katie when she complains about your friends health. In November, Gordon was in the hospital. She was hospitalized because of sudden worsening of health.

Most likely, the health of 36-year-old actress affects a very active lifestyle. Despite the fact that now she is in her last month of pregnancy, it seems, is not going away on maternity leave. Last month Kate took an active part in photo shoots, acted in concert, and even self-organized move to a new apartment. By the way, all the issues related to the renovation of a new home, Gordon was also decided alone. In addition, she is involved daily in issues related to the work of her law firm.