Natalia Ionova angered fans provocating photo

Наталья Ионова разозлила фанатов провокацинным фото
Fans of the singer did not appreciate her sense of humor.

Natalia Ionova and Sergei Shnurov

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova once again caused a storm of harsh criticism from the fans. This time the reason was the publication of the provocative picture of the singer Sergei Shnurov. In the microblog Natalia appeared a photo on which she and the controversial performer was captured in a pretty provocative pose. “Oops! It is a success!” — she wrote.

“And that’s why it spread?”, “Ugly… most Are still not tired?”, “A husband likes these pictures?”, “Lovely… Like a nice singer, but her pictures — the darkness!” commented subscribers.

Natalia and Sergey were in the same company not by accident. Musician and singer for quite some time friendly and even prefer to rest together. Not so long ago the ions in the composition of a large group of friends went on holiday to America. Cords, by the way, arrived in Los Angeles with his wife Matilda. They were joined by Alexander Revva with his wife, Angelica and Natalia Bardo with Marius Weisberg.

The other day Natalia confessed that during the long holidays I miss my daughters, which she didn’t take a trip. “The last two weeks have lost touch with friends and family! I Wake up and they fall asleep! I really miss you…” she said.