Катя Гордон приготовилась рожать в прямом эфире Businesswoman shocked one of the last publish to Instagram. A woman posted a video clip in which she goes behind the wheel and talks about the fact that he goes to a maternity hospital. It turned out that celebrities suddenly went into labor right in the heart of Moscow, and therefore, she had to go to the hospital.

      Fans of Cathy Gordon closely monitored her pregnancy. Despite the interesting position, the star had time to deal with all of these planned Affairs, to give concerts and attend social events. Followers genuinely worried about the actress and did not expect that the birth will be for women a real challenge. To posted online video Kate maintains that she is already water broke and she had to urgently go to the hospital.

      Katya Gordon was “disabled” for the future baby

      Apparently, the woman did not assume what the outcome of Sunday night. The celebrity was already on the last month of pregnancy, but it is not believed that the birth can happen in February. Finding a video where Gordon is sitting alone behind the wheel of a car and heads to the hospital, fans strongly felt. They asked Kate to be more attentive on the roads and wished rather to get to the doctors.

      On the exposed fragment shows that Gordon accompanies her friend. She tries to provide maternity support to the anti. Many Network users were surprised that, despite the stressful situation, Kate is behaving as if nothing unusual had happened. On her face not see a trace of panic or alarm, she confidently drives the car and still have time to record a video message for their followers.

      “This is almost live! Good luck, may all go well”, “Katyusha, much! Herself behind the wheel of labor! Good luck and strength to You”, “Desperate girl! I hope it goes without a problem”, “we Will pray for you and the baby!” – posted by fans of Gordon.

      It was obvious that subscribers will vividly react to this kind of post in a social network. In the first minutes after Kate shared a video, the followers pelted her with questions, wondering where in the moment the elect of the woman and why he was not with her. Some have speculated that he simply was not ready to such turn of events, but surely in a hurry to meet his beloved.

      Pregnant Kate Gordon is going to marry in third time

      The last months of pregnancy was given to Kate is not easy. She complained of poor health and lack of strength. The woman made no secret of his desire to have a baby to begin to restore health. By the way, the actress is actively preparing for the appearance of a second child. Recently, Gordon said the new home in the renovated apartment, which has already managed to take one of the rooms as a nursery.