Yulianna Karaulova has published the personal letters of a close person

Юлианна Караулова обнародовала личные письма близкому человеку The singer revealed the contents of his phone. “StarHit” looked in the gadget stars and find out who she’s talking to in the chat, what makes her laugh and what she cherishes in memory.

      Юлианна Караулова обнародовала личные письма близкому человеку

      Sisters-triplets, engagement ring and favorite tracks – “StarHit” looked into iPhone singer Julianna Karaulova. As it turned out, the actress often talks in correspondence with one of his best friends rapper ST. Every conversation with a friend makes Julianna genuinely laugh. The singer was not afraid to show the clip of the conversation with Alexander and explained how usually uses WhatsApp.

      “My friend Sasha Stepanov, known as rapper ST, “Vkontakte” write a lot of fans, but for some reason my odnofamilitsa. Here in the conversation and we laugh. She prefer to chat in WhatsApp, here I have a job and friends and family. But when it’s the weekend and time for personal life or travel, turn “airplane mode” to nothing and no one distract from the very enjoyable,” shared the celebrity.
      Юлианна Караулова обнародовала личные письма близкому человеку

      Karaulov often enough to share with fans snapshots that are made in moments of inspiration. As it turned out, to the art of photography Julianna belongs in a totally different, and therefore each frame has to be of great value. “Cameras are everywhere. I like to look for an unusual perspective. Every photo for me is the whole story,” says the artist.

      One of the most used applications in the gadget of the singer’s hits “You don’t like this”, “Sea” and “Houston” is “Instagram”. Julianna regularly publishes photos from my own life. Thanks to this social network by her friends and fans immediately found out about her engagement. Almost immediately Karaulova has posted on his page photo with a loved and reported about the upcoming wedding.