Kate Gordon dared to criticize Maxim Fadeev

Катя Гордон осмелилась раскритиковать Максима Фадеева
Well-known lawyer, singer and composer Kate Gordon occasionally expresses his opinion regarding some events in the show business, speaking on behalf of Gadi Cardboard.

Катя Гордон осмелилась раскритиковать Максима Фадеева

She decided to comment on the situation with the search for a new singer in the band Silver. The woman was still discouraged from the promulgation of this message, but she still decided.

Катя Гордон осмелилась раскритиковать Максима Фадеева

“For the hundredth time neopositivist group SEREBRO, which is the masses the idea of female friendship and love… Good Maxim Fadeev looking for a soloist. The remaining girls bare huddle to each other, demonstrate warm relationships in the team… Gadya Corton as always, rhyme relevant. As I said several figures of show business: “Katya, what are you! Don’t make! Revenge will be.” I thought, “What a stupid rumor and not changed myself,” admitted Katya.

Recall that the Pauline favorskaya announced his decision to leave the band Silver. Maxim Fadeev even consider to team the Duo, as a soloist since the founding of the group often varied.

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