Катя Гершуни разводится с мужем The fashion expert of the show “ten years younger” on the First channel will start a new life. The confessions itself is Kathy, she and her husband were strangers, but because parting is inevitable.

      Катя Гершуни разводится с мужем

      Recently, Catherine and her husband, restaurateur and psychoanalyst Roman Gershuni is moved out of a shared apartment in the suburbs. Shot in two neighboring houses near the centre of the capital. It turned out that the cause of the change of residence was the divorce. At some point the couple realized that they’re no longer related, and therefore both need to think about the life without each other.

      “The initiator was I – shared TV presenter with “StarHit”. We have lived together for 12 years, during these years both changed a lot. Stopped our match with Roma tastes and opinions. We already don’t go to those places that used to like both of us no longer watch movies that I loved. Common friends, whom we met on weekends, had been on the back burner. Each had its own circle of friends, and so on… From the total remained only our son and housing. While living next to David easily undergo the divorce of their parents. It can go at any time. An application to the Registrar we have not yet filed, decided to give each other time. Although it is unlikely that anything will change. Husband and I stayed in a wonderful relationship. He still helps me, for example, repair of the car or move.”
      Катя Гершуни разводится с мужем

      They met at the celebration of Israel’s independence in “Luzhniki”, then Kate was 17 years old, and the Novel 27. Among young people there was sympathy, and later they realized that they simply can’t live without each other.

      “I went there to perform folk dances, – says gershoni. Roma – a citizen of Israel, then he worked in Russia under contract. I did not realize that he’s my only, did not expect so soon meet their fate, but it happened. We had everything by the rules – he asked me to marry from my father, I met his parents. Offer Roma did the unusual: he said that went for bread and came back with the ring.

      Now, Recalling the story of meeting her husband, the expert of the program “10 years younger” does not hide a smile, but realizes that this relationship came to an end. “We got married two years after Dating, and at 21 I became a mother,” continues Kate. – The light appeared our only son David, who is now nine years old. To be honest, I think Roma still love each other, but live together no longer can.”

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