«Кармелита»: как изменились звезды цыганской саги за 13 лет
The love story of the daughter of the Gypsy Baron captivated the viewers even more than “Simply Maria” and “Slave Isaura”!

«Кармелита»: как изменились звезды цыганской саги за 13 лет

Played Carmelita Julia Zimin got into the series thanks to a lucky chance

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Melodramatic series “Carmelita” was released on the channel “Russia” in January 2005 and the first series has riveted the attention of the whole country. In TV ratings, he immediately took the high line and became domestic telekhit.

Viewers right was fascinated by the story of a young Gypsy girl who fell in love with the guy from your camp, and the Russian boy. Her love provoked the wrath of the Gypsy Rodney and handsome Miro, which was intended for her husband…

Russian fans of “soap operas” liking burning forbidden love, fatal passion, exotic Gypsy costumes, songs, dances, and other “charms” entangled, full of drama Gypsy “Santa Barbara”, the first season which has 170 episodes.

About the fate of the Carmelites experienced as much as it is about the heroines of the cult Latin American telenovelas: the naive and illiterate peasant Maria Lopez
(Victoria Ruffo) from the Mexican series “Simply Maria” and his beautiful slave Izaura (Lucelia Santos) from the Brazilian television series “Slave Izaura”.

The idea of filming the life story of the Roma belongs to the producer
Elena Imamova. She jotted down a quick draft of the script and gave
it development Director Rauf Kubaev, with whom she has worked in 2001 in the series “Three
against all”. The audience know it is also in the film “White dance” and the TV series “Red square”.

Kubaev, have repeatedly stated that he was close to the powerful feelings and vivid passions movies such as
“Yesenia”, “Gypsies go to heaven” and “Gypsy” — immediately agreed to
the implementation of the project Imamovi in life. “Elena thought that “Carmelita” is my subject. As
it turned out, was right! — says Rauf Jalilovich. — It all started with
synopsis to three pages, which I immediately liked”.

In 2004 began the auditions for
the main female role. After seeing more than 200 contestants, the Director all of a sudden approved
the role of Carmelita 23-year-old debutante, a graduate of the acting Department
Saratov Conservatory Julia Zimin.

The questions why the Director gave the role of a Gypsy Russian actress. “And why is everybody so concerned about the issue
nationality? Yes, the role of Carmelita was very serious selection. But Julia Zimin was the best of the contenders, explained Rauf Kubayev. — Maybe just stars in Julia’s life so

And, indeed, the hit actress famous for her TV series is pure
a coincidence and a real stroke of luck. According to Zimina, he moved to the capital, she’s six months
could find work in the acting profession and was earning a pittance, having participated in various events and distributed
advertising leaflets on the streets. And then got a job in children’s theatre.

In one performance she was approached by
friend the actor and said, “Yulia, here starts the story of the series by 100. Typical
“mexikanska”, and you think looks right. If you want to take
your picture. Suddenly you get”. Without much hope Zimin left photo and phone number removable
the apartment where she lived with her friends. A few months later, the girls “asked”
to release the housing, and in just a couple of minutes before their departure I received a telephone
call: “Julia? Is assistant Director of the TV series “Carmelita”. Want
to invite you to audition”.

Carmelita (Julia Zimin) and Miro (Alexander Suvorov)

Photo: still from the TV series “Carmelita”

“Of course, my heart played the audition, and even at “Mosfilm”! But imagine if this call came not even an hour, and
ten minutes later? We would leave this place, and who would have me, no one
famous actress from the provinces, began to look for? I think no one,” recalls
Zimin, for which the work in this series was the finest hour.

Also on the show played by: Alexey Ilyin (Maxim Orlov), Alexander
Suvorov (Miro), Nikolay Lekarev (Ramir Zaretsky,
the Gypsy Baron, the father of the Carmelites), Hope
Bakhtin (Lucita), Olga Pearl (Zemfira, mother
Lucite), Alexander Koltsov (Shift, security guard
Baro), Denis Matrosov (Anton Astakhov), Irina Senotova (Tamara, Anton’s mother), Irena Morozova (ruby), Vadim Andreev
(crime Lord Force), Alan Rainer (Light, daughter of force), etc.

Four years later, in 2009, he released the sequel to the Gypsy audience of the Saga “Carmelita: Gypsy
passion.” Action television series, which was directed by Yelena Tsyplakova, unfolded a year later in the same town.

In the cast of the series happened star recruits:
the role of a young Gypsy girl Hitani was approved Maria Kozakova, granddaughter of the famous
Yuri Yakovlev and Mikhail Kozakov, daughter Alyona Yakovleva. The final point in the Gypsy Saga was
set in 2010, when the screens out the final, 288 series.

With the premiere of the popular TV series “Carmelita”
it took more than 13 years. Here are the stars Gypsy romance now.