Карли Клосс приняла иудаизм перед свадьбой с Джошуа Кушнером

Love models Karlie Kloss and younger brother-in-law of Donald trump Joshua Kushner no doubt worth it — for the sake of married life, the former “angel” Victoria’s Secrets has converted to Judaism.

The rite of becoming a Jew is a laborious and long process that requires endurance. Exactly how much time it took Carly a convert to Judaism — is not known. Now the model will have to observe kashrut and Shabbat for the sake of his love.

The same “victim” had to go and the eldest daughter of the current President of the United States of Ivanka trump. Before to marry boyfriend Jared Kushner Ivanka was trained in congregation”, Kehilat Ichoron” in new York. To this day, a married couple should be kosher and Shabbat. In an interview, told Rabbi Shmuley, botič: “Kushniry very religious people. Charlie Kushner (father of Jared and Joshua approx. ed.), conducting daily prayer service right in your office. Ivanka and Jared — the first couple in the White house that lives by the rules of kashrut. Ivanka has long proved to everyone that she is serious about Judaism. She is a real Jew. Role model!”

We will remind that quite recently, Karlie Kloss announced on instagram about her engagement! “There are no words to Express how much I love you! You’re my best friend and my soul mate. A million times Yes! Can’t wait when we will unite forever,” wrote the model.

Karlie Kloss was the angel of Victoria’s Secret, one of the events which came to Kushner in 2012. There they met. Romance between stars began immediately and grew rapidly, however, as the press has always published information about the divorce. In 2015, the pair again began to appear in public, and in 2016, no one will be able to separate them.

As Carly was able to captivate such the handsome and powerful? Take note. “I have a whole room that I was allocated specifically for cosmetic products. I like to use only natural cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners that will be most useful for hair. I also like the tools that take care of my skin in the morning and all day. I often moisturize the skin of various tonics,” said the model previously for Elle magazine.