Justin Theroux said about taboos in marriage with Jennifer aniston

Джастин Теру рассказал о табу в браке с Дженнифер Энистон

While Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston has remained silent on the sidelines and not comment on the personal life of blessed Justin, Tara, with whom she has been married for six years, confessed about their family life.

Recently Justin participated in the program “Good morning America” (“Good Morning America”), during which he spoke about what is unacceptable in their marriage with Jennifer.
For example, one of the main taboos in their family is video games. Aniston they are very annoying, and in her presence he does not allow himself to sit down at the console. In addition, during the six years of married life Justin realized that Jennifer not to tell the subjects in advance, particularly with regard To the TV series, which starred the actor “Abandoned”. In the TV show Justin plays a COP and father of two children. The artist’s wife is his biggest fan and like all fans, looking forward to the release of each new episode. But instead to learn about the development of the plot, Jennifer forbade him even to hint at it.
“She even refused to rehearse for my role. Jennifer does not know and does not want to know what will happen in the story next. She is my biggest fan, so don’t want to hear spoilers. In our house it is a taboo,” said Justin.
In August this year the couple will celebrate the second anniversary of marriage, and do it quietly, they love it.
Recall that Jennifer doesn’t like to talk to the press. Over the years of marriage and a high-profile divorce from Brad pitt, the actress developed a strong Allergy to the media, and his new divorce with Angelina Jolie even more worse. Some media chasing sensationalism, made up different stories about a new novel by aniston and her ex-husband, and no wonder Jennifer decided to stop communicating with the media.