Julio Iglesias Jr. said about the concert in Moscow and the beginning of a career

Хулио Иглесиас-младший рассказал про концерт в Москве и начало карьеры

Yesterday was a concert of Julio Iglesias, Jr. at the Moscow international house of music. The journalist edition of Hello! met the performer before the concert and talked to him early in his career, girls and relationships with family.

Хулио Иглесиас-младший рассказал про концерт в Москве и начало карьеры

“I worked some years as the model walked the catwalk, posed for advertising campaigns by Versace and the Gap. Now I understand that this is absolutely not my thing, although many said that I did pretty well. It is hard to imagine how many times I posed for the camera. Was shooting with the famous Mario Testino. But to be honest: they are not impressed. I don’t really like people suffering with stardom.” recalls the artist.

Julio Jr. on the streets of Russia not yet know, but the singer hopes that soon everything will change, because in Spain and America they already have large fan clubs. Julio Jr. was happy to share the repertoire of their concert. He told me who from the Russian stars he worked with. “It will be an amazing show, I’ve put my heart and soul. I’ll be singing as their songs, for example all known hit La Camisa Negra, sounding you on all radio stations, and songs from the repertoire of the father. In addition, I have the awesome new song Por Extraсar, which was written for me by Russian composer Elena Yurova, working with Igor Nikolaev and Christina Aguilera. I’ve played it in the summer at the festival “Slavic Bazaar”. I think it will appeal to the Russian people — its melody, rhythm it closer to your mentality. And then I plan to give several concerts in other cities of Russia and to record a duet with his brother Enrique.”

Хулио Иглесиас-младший рассказал про концерт в Москве и начало карьеры

The artist remembered a case which happened to him in 2008 at the festival “New wave” in Jurmala. Julio wonders how he could sign a contract for two concerts, not even thinking about what day he will have to play in Dzintari and in the evening to be in a different part of the planet. “But I couldn’t let people down, so rented a private plane, paying him an incredible amount of money, and flew to the second concert in Spain. However, there was a big problem with landing. At the airport we within the hour did not give the runway and we circled in the air. The plane was out of fuel, and the pilot offered to fly to another airport, but then I would not have went to the concert… Thank God, everything was resolved in our favor. Since then I have been closely following their work schedule.” says the singer.

While walking around the city, the singer learned Spanish students who come studying in Ukraine. He is smiling, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

The singer said that he liked to dance, the more he is a private dancer. “I grew up on the stage. My father took me on a tour, to get acquainted with the musicians. I was a child I realized that I wanted to sing. Music is my soul. By the way, parents are proud that their sons are building a music career, my father thinks I’m good at. And for me, that’s the best compliment.” said Julio.