Юлия Захарова устроила скандал с Ириной Безруковой
The star of the show “Happy together” doubted the acting talent of colleagues.

Юлия Захарова устроила скандал с Ириной Безруковой


Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @irina_bezrukova_official Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

The world of show business shakes another stellar scandal. Julia Zakharova made a statement that Irina Bezrukovoj should give up acting career…

It all started with the fact that Irina Bezrukova has threatened to sue the producers of the play “the Love will unintentionally appear suddenly”. According to the actress, her photos are illegally used for advertising productions. Some time ago, she officially broke the contract with the creators, but in the different cities of Russia continue to be new posters with her portrait. “I sold the tickets on my photo. “Me” taped half the country. I recently wrote a friend that he bought a ticket to the show with me. I have two months of not playing in this performance. When the artist leaves the project, posters remade…” — said Irina. The doctor appealed to the lawyers to resolve the matter.

Her place in the play took Yulia Zakharova, the star of the show “Happy together”. Irina in an interview with reporters did not name names replacing her colleagues, saying that it is unlikely to know the General public. Zakharova, learning about how it relates Bezrukova, made a statement in which he questioned the presence of her acting talent.

“It was introduced a long time, about 30, in my opinion, was the rehearsal points. Generally, you need to know the letters.She is beautiful, sweet person, but she did not need to do, and this is my personal opinion, acting is not her. She needs to engage in administrative activities, kids to help, write a book,” said Julia in the “You wouldn’t believe!”.