Юлия Высоцкая научит, как создать свой «Умный дом»
The actress will be leading a new project on NTV.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: Sergei Bermeniev

On NTV will start a new project, which, in contrast
from loved by the viewers of the programs “Housing problem” and “Suburban answer” will teach you how to correctly, comfortably and
stylishly equip your space without having to overhaul. Leading
the program was the actress Julia Vysotskaya: she will share from personal lifehacks
experience. Will tell you how to deal with the dust in the rooms and advise you on how to choose
this home clothes to please not only myself and family, but
sudden guests. In category TOP 3 Julia she will acquaint the audience with such items
which will help viewers to make the home smart and cozy — elektroprostyn, ecotester
and other useful gadgets.

Vysotskaya will invite their celebrity friends and
ask each about personal secrets that help them make a living
the space is really warm and inspiring. Yulia Vysotskaya will tell you about
comfort not only in stars but also solve real problems in specific
families. It will help viewers to improve home and will learn to store things properly.

“It is Saturday morning and nobody is in a hurry, the whole family in
the collection — says Julia Vysotskaya. It’s so nice all together over Breakfast to discuss
home life, interior design, the ability to upgrade space, the various
adaptations that help to create coziness and comfort at home. In our program
will be happy to share with the audience new ideas, inspiring mood and
useful information, helping to create each of its unique and the best in the world house.”