Renowned psychologist told the truth about the divorce of Olga Buzova

Известный психолог рассказал правду о разводе Ольги Бузовой
Specialist figured out why there was no marriage of the presenter.

Известный психолог рассказал правду о разводе Ольги Бузовой

Olga Buzova

Valery Sokolyuk

Photo: personal archive

The scandalous divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov, who for many months
is a subject of heated debate fans, is haunted and professionals in
the field of psychology. publishes an essay, which was written
psychologist-conflictologist Valery Sokolyuk.

divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov can safely be considered the main event
the Russian show-business space. Me as a psychologist,
which deals with family relationships, the story is interesting, first of all,
as a reflection of our daily life.

And the relationship
in families in our society, unfortunately, leave much to be desired, but all
in order.

the divorce battle between Dmitry and Olga media consider “suck”
from different sides, in his own way, some say it’s a PR stunt, others
gloat, saying “with fat rage”, and the third one falls to the bottom “of the basket with dirty underwear”.

But let’s
look at this situation from a slightly different angle.

So, why
all interested in this story? It’s simple: people like looking in the mirror: women
see themselves as Olga, men Dmitry. So the real war is unfolding

Olga —
famous TV presenter, fashion designer and businesswoman. Dmitry is a successful athlete, “pet”
female. Let’s remember what started their romance. In the beginning
was that infatuation.

The first time
the pair was dissolved in each other, as happens with many people in the
the beginning of a relationship. Lovers rarely notice the shortcomings of each other, when they
intoxicated with passion. Remember: we are making plans, soar into the sky,
performed incredible deeds. In short, detachment from reality, and it
happiness. But such a period could not last long (unfortunately, of course).
And the woman tries not to pay attention to the fact that her husband has a child from
his first marriage, and the man forgets all that was with his mate before him.

But when
pink veil first love falls down, you have to go back in
reality. In life. And here is his wife openly jealous of her husband when he visits
child. And the husband reacts strongly to stories that revolve around his wife.
Hush is even more difficult, something that previously no one paid attention,
starts to weigh. And what had seemed a trifle, after a time, becomes the main issue in the relationship. So for example, this
the star couple, we see that these “worldly” problems are bypassed.

wedding Dmitry literally came under a barrage of criticism (and social networks, and magazines have become very closely monitor it and look for flaws in it). It is not in the cap on the street will pass, that jacket is the wrong color. It began to annoy him. It
was media, it was shown on TV, but he was never “a rock star”.
And now it has become, and not according to your wishes.

But have
we often in life it happens, agree. Men are pressured by the environment (mother,
relatives, friends), poking his nose in the shortcomings of its second half.

Olga also
received a portion of their problems. She’s the man the public: her life is a social network,
the Internet, in the end, it’s her job. But experience attention to her man
from the pile of beauties in the stadium it was difficult. And these girls also want to draw the attention of Dmitry on itself as it once did herself
Olga. What was the reason of confidence to Dmitry in the future cooperation.

often face similar problems, especially that girlfriend out of jealousy
I can say that can destroy any marriage.

it turned out that the first impulses of passion have passed, but the problems have increased like mushrooms
after the rain. Dmitry was not able to put up with the nickname “Tarabotti”, and Olga,
her husband is a piece of cake for socialite.

And then
mutual claims and accusations began to pile up like a snowball and it turned into a
frenetic aggression. And has been very hard to understand who is right and who is wrong. But
even to understand especially no one here, and not trying: all aggression, heading
to partner in the effort him/her to adapt himself to prove his innocence,
revenge, etc.

that, unfortunately, happens in 80% of our families to war.

It is important
we are with you on the example of “Tarabuco” to understand a simple thing: a war in the relationship
whatever it was, does not need anyone. Always lose both sides.
View as Dmitri and Olga fuck each other through the media. And the winner,
as you probably know, is not. All suffer losses, and the losses serious. There are two ways of development in this situation. First
(the one that choose our stars) — war. And so unfortunately comes
most couples when conflicts arise. Our
not by chance the country is a leader in divorce.

We used
to make trouble, to humiliate each other. Mutual respect, openness and sincerity
now is not honored. But there is a second option for wise people. This is a complex
the way of work. A wise man will begin to solve the problems are not due to
harassment of another, and due to the fact that first of all will understand yourself and
then build an open and sincere dialogue with your partner. It is important to understand
what you really want. The kind of life you want to live? That, in fact,
makes you happy? If after this you decide to leave, it is better
to do it with dignity, being in a good relationship, so the breakup did
you stronger and not sucked all life energy. The conclusion is simple: see how
make Dmitry and Olga… and do the opposite!”