Юлия Высоцкая и Андрей Кончаловский устроили романтические каникулы The famous couple has a rest in Europe. Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky enjoying the holidays. They look completely happy, but fans believe their Union is perfect. Followers gladly follow what is happening in the life of Director and actress.

Famous film Director Andrei Konchalovsky and his wife actress Julia Vysotskaya, now traveling in Europe. A few days ago ended one of the most significant events – the 35th Munich film festival. Konchalovsky has received a prestigious award – the peace prize “the Bridge” for the painting “Paradise”.

The couple did not immediately return to Moscow, and decided to spend some more time in Europe. They arrange a romantic walk and look absolutely happy. Vysotskaya published in the microblog picture of where it was captured in the arms of a spouse. Apparently, a surge of tenderness overtook a few in the tourist district, selling various Souvenirs. Konchalovsky was held in the hands of special sticks for Nordic walking. The couple basked in the rays of the setting sun, and their faces went smile.

Fans were delighted from the family idyll of the couple. For nearly twenty years of marriage, Julia and Andrew live in perfect harmony. Many fans believe their Union is exemplary. “You are beautiful! I wish you to be always in love and happiness!”, “I admire your couple, an example!”, “Sample happy family! But with whom the youth to follow the example”, “What you are great! May God give you peace of mind, and you deserve the best,” wrote the loyal fans.

Fans Vysotskaya know that she loves sports and leads an active lifestyle. As spouses, the actress also enjoys Nordic walking, which is beneficial to the entire body. Julia also loves to bike, what time and again spoke to the members and even posted the video with these walks. Netizens say that this is reflected in the forms of celebrity – actress always looks great and can afford any outfit that accentuates a slender figure. Julia Vysotskaya decided on a radical change for my husband

The followers account Julia Vysotskaya glad that she shares them with the events of life. They are happy to follow what was going on in her work and creativity as well as listen to the advice given by the artist. Celebrity is also often asks questions to subscribers. Fans admire the actress is listening to them.