Юлия Волкова перепутала сцену со спортзалом
The singer performed at a concert in a sports suit and sneakers.

Julia Volkova

Photo: Press service

Julia Volkova
in the city Day surprised the guests of the capital and its residents, appearing at a concert
prepared by the channel “Music First”, which were, in a very unusual

The singer who loves to experiment with his own image, wearing a slinky black jumpsuit, much like gymnastics
tights, blazer and sneakers. Many viewers thought that Julia came to speak
directly from the gym. However, impressions of performances by the stars her outfit is not

The event
was visited by several thousand people. In addition, live monitor
taking place in the center of Moscow could the audience of the channel “Music First” around
world. More than four hours lasted performances by solo artists and young

To congratulate
the audience, besides Volkova, came soloists of the MBAND, Yulianna Karaulova, Elena
Temnikova, Elvira T, Loy and many other fashionable artists.