Букингемский дворец: принц Уильям и герцогиня Кейт посетят Канаду с детьми
Princess Charlotte for the first time to join a Royal tour.

Букингемский дворец: принц Уильям и герцогиня Кейт посетят Канаду с детьми

Kate Middleton,Prince William

Photo: The Sun/TASS

The press service of the Royal family officially announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take a trip to Canada two children: 3-year-old Prince George and 16-month-old Princess Charlotte. The son of Kate and William had already made the long journey when the parents took him to the Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014. And now little Charlotte will for the first time to see the world.

This is the main reason, according to the statement of Buckingham Palace, why Kate and William, Duchess and Duke of Cambridge will go to Canada with young children. “You can’t miss the opportunity to introduce children to the world around them, until they began school routine for such visits will be hard to find the time.”

Kate Middleton,Prince William and Prince George

Photo: The Times/TASS

The trip of Prince William and Kate will be accompanied by 12 members of staff: three personal Secretary, head of Protocol service, the press service personnel. Personal hairdresser to Kate and the nanny of Prince George and Charlotte go too, but to pay these costs personally will be the Duke and Duchess. Of course, children will not participate in official events, but submitted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, residing in Canada, will have the opportunity to meet with the heirs to the thrones during a specially organized children’s picnics. The trip provided plenty of entertainment and walks outdoors, including fishing and hunting. Kate and William are big fans of this pastime can sometimes take Charlotte and George.