Юлия Волкова готовится к рождению ребенка и свадьбе
The ex-soloist “t.A.T.u.” choosing a husband.

Julia Volkova

Photo: @official_juliavolkova Instagram Yulia Volkova

Despite the fact that Julia Volkova has twice mother, she has never been married. But soon, according to the ex-soloist “t.A.T.u.”, this omission will be corrected. In the Studio of the program “million dollar Secret” Volkova said that her life changed dramatically: she finally fell in love and are ready to communicate with this man my life.

The name of the winner, claims to be the husband Volkova, is unknown. But Julia says that only this young man was able to awaken her true deep feelings. As admitted 32-year-old actress, it is the absence of love had prevented her to marry.

“I already am married. Want wedding. I already know what will be my dress!” — said Julia with Leroy Kudryavtseva.

Chosen Volkova is a little older than her and lives in another country. He has struck up warm friendships with children of Julia: daughter Victoria and son Samir. So business remained for small: to select a date and organize the celebration. By the way, during the recording of the broadcast, Julia let slip that dreams of becoming a mother for the third time. In the foreseeable future, she plans to give birth to a beloved child.