Julia Savicheva shared the childhood

Юлия Савичева поделилась снимком из детства
The other day in the microblog popular singer Yulia Savicheva appeared the photo, which created a furor among her fans.

Юлия Савичева поделилась снимком из детства

The singer congratulated her mother with a birthday and shared a rare picture in which she in childhood is imprinted with a parent.

Юлия Савичева поделилась снимком из детства

“All through a period of conflicts, disputes and misunderstanding with parents. Especially in adolescence. And on this day, the birthday of my mother, I want to apologize for all the words that accidentally voracek, I told my parents that in some point did not believe their words, that was sharp. After the appearance of Ani, many things become clear, especially the feeling of the experience for the family, for the future of their child. Mom, I want you to be happy, so you do not hurt. You have me so young, intelligent, energetic and beautiful! I’ll try not to upset you over nothing. I’m always here. You’re the best for me. I love you very much. Happy Birthday!” — wrote under the picture Savicheva.

Netizens admired the archival photo of Julia and noticed that she was very like her mother.

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