Julia Savicheva posted a photo with burns on the face

Юлия Савичева опубликовала фотографию с ожогами на лице
The singer told how he nearly lost the eye.

Julia Savicheva and Natalia Fadeeva

Photo: Instagram

Today, Maxim Fadeev
published in the microblog rare archival
the photo, which posed
young girl and little girl.
The producer has offered its subscribers
to guess who is depicted in the picture 1996.
Fans answered immediately: Julia Savicheva and the wife of producer — Natalia Fadeeva. Later, Julia, published the same
photo, decided to tell that
this moment occurred in her life.
His sincerity and candor
the actress sparked rave reviews

this photo Natasha Fadeeva.
I here 7 or 8 years. On my chin
you can see small burns. It
I’m so fried eggs. Put more
oil to the pan and broke an egg how
possible well, as the chef did in
the program on TV. Of course,
almost all hot oil turned out to be
for me… — says the singer. — Well
at least in the eyes not got. So be
careful when your children try
to do something at the stove!”

Found archive
the picture that Natalia Fadeeva. Not a secret,
that Maxim Yulia familiar with the
early childhood. Moreover, Fadeyev is the godfather of the singer. Savicheva
repeatedly told how expensive for
her producer and that she considers it
their guardian angel.