Джулия Робертс снимется в мистическом триллере «Одурачь меня»

Julia Roberts provided themselves with work for the year ahead. Earlier we reported that actress does in the crime drama “Man from the train”, in which will play the defense attorney of a sick person. Now the star of a new heavy project.

Today it became known that Julia played a major role in the mystical Thriller called “Fool me”/ “Fool Me Once”.

In the film adaptation of the novel of Habana Kobena Julia will play a woman named Maya, who serves in the army and is a pilot. After another operation she returned home, and on the screen baby monitors sees something unthinkable — her two year old daughter plays with dad. But the husband of the heroine was brutally murdered two weeks ago, and in her head creeps question: can people see what isn’t there, even if he really want to?

Details of the project are discussed.

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