Юлия Высоцкая вновь решилась на супер-короткую стрижку
The actress surprised fans new emicom.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: Instagram

Julia continues to amaze fans. Actress
shared the photo, which shows a new ultra-short haircut. “Let’s start
new life on Monday?” — playfully signed the star.

Members agreed that the new image
Yulia is very becoming, but very surprised this actress. After all, a year ago
Vysotsky claimed that can only to cut my hair short for the role. So
happened when the actress adopted the role of Russian emigrant Olga in
the acclaimed film “Ray”. Then to haircut not just short, and bald, Julia
convinced her husband, the film Director Andrei Konchalovsky. And,
agreed the actress on such a radical image change immediately.

In an exclusive
an interview with the magazine “7 days” Vysotsky admitted that when there hair,
women are much easier to “manage” their appearance: “what would you do if you were
condition, a little of styling, curl there, a curl here already have something to hide behind.
Not to say that long hair save the situation, I was not always
happy with his appearance. She, like the internal state, is always a
on yourself. In English there is a wonderful phrase “Work in progress” —
this sign can be seen when roadwork is being done, the work does not stop
never. So a woman who refers to himself with attention, working
another constantly. I guess I just needed to go through this phase of acceptance
yourself. To see first the disadvantages, but then the pros. Now this haircut I
may seem self-evident, especially after the day before yesterday son
said, “Mom, but in fact you’re so cool.”

Apparently, this experience was the reason that the last time Julia constantly
experimenting with self-imecom, and consistently pleases fans
the result of changes in appearance.