Handsome Superman showed a new girlfriend

Красавчик-Супермен показал новую подружку
Henry Cavill no longer hide his affair with Lucy cork.

Henry Cavill and Lucy cork


One of the most eligible bachelors of Hollywood
34-year-old handsome Henry Cavill for the first time appeared in public with his
new girlfriend — a 25-year-old Lucy cork. The couple appeared together in the stands
Wimbledon, and they behaved in such a way that no one is left
doubt that they are not just friends.

According to one of the friends Henry,
Cavill, who became famous after played Superman in “man of steel” and
“Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” began to see Lucy already
for quite some time. They met when they were preparing for the filming of the sixth
part of the franchise “Mission impossible” where
Henry went to one of the main roles. As for Lucy, she
plays in this project is much more modest role. Cork is a stuntman by profession and was appointed
understudy actress Rebecca Ferguson, who plays in the movie girlfriend of Tom cruise.

Henry, who had never been married, in
the past met with a fairly well-known personages. So, he had Affairs with
Actresses Gina Garano and kaley cuoco. A couple of years ago he was Dating Paris Hilton. And his last girlfriend was Tara king, who was on 14 years
younger than Cavill, for which he was criticized. However, now it no longer
face accusations that he is quite a grown man, meets
with a special, which was barely 19 years old. Henry broke up with her
parted. And now switched to Lucy, much more suitable according to