Юлия Началова рассказала, как чуть не умерла The singer tries to save a friend, a cancer patient. Nachalova helping a friend to raise funds for treatment. According to the artist, two years ago she was faced with a serious disease. The star admitted that he almost died from a blood infection.

      A few days ago, Yulia Nachalova tweeted a photo with a young man named Dmitri. The star reported that the man had cancer of the skin, and he needed help. Treatment need to collect a minimum of 850 thousand rubles. Picture about Julia wrote that also faced health problems two years ago.

      “We are all, absolutely all, are not immune from this terrible disease… it touched Me 2 years ago… but I managed to overcome everything and win,” said the star

      Fans have begun to wonder what exactly happened with the star a few years ago. “StarHit” to find out what kind of disease said the singer.

      As it turned out, Julia almost died two years ago. The actress went to the dentist who removed a tooth. The procedure was performed before leaving for the concert in Vladivostok. The next day after the surgery, the actress wasn’t feeling very well but still went to the show. After the concert, Yulia had a fever, and his cheek fanned.

      “The pain was so unbearable that she began to give in the head – said “StarHit” the representative of Yulia, Anna. – She almost lost consciousness. Later we found out that after an unsuccessful trip to the dentist she went into sepsis – a blood infection. Julia special Board was urgently taken to Moscow. It was impossible to lose. Two weeks she spent in the hospital.”

      Earlier, Yulia Nachalova has sepsis. In 2007, the actress underwent surgery for breast enlargement. However, the result of her not happy. Then the star decided to adjust the form. As a result of surgical intervention Julia brought some kind of infection. It took so long to get well and recover to return to a normal life.

      Now, the actress urges people to help his friend Dmitry.

      “I see how he loves life, he has a very young family. My friends, let’s show humanity regardless of our life status and situation. We are just people. Today, I am joined by my friends and colleagues Anna Semenovich and Inna Malikova. All concerned people are encouraged to help us fight this disease! Every ruble as drugs (“Tufanlar”, “Mechanist”) are very expensive – 850,000 rubles, the rate for 1 month, then drip the drug “Opdivo”. Let’s do it together! #Dimagiba,” wrote Nachalova in the social network.

      To transfer money to card of Sberbank of Russia:

      Card number: 4276 5000 1017 5576 Elena B. (Spouse)

      4276 8500 5789 6950 Dmitry B.