Андрей Чадов объяснил, как брат перенес развод с Дитковските The popular actor has told how hard Alex was to move the separation from the beloved. He admitted that this period was one of the hardest in their family. After the break with Ditkovskite Chadov, Jr. spent his time with Andrew. He provided him with strong moral support.

      Андрей Чадов объяснил, как брат перенес развод с Дитковските

      Andrei and Alexei Chadov became heroes of the program “One day” on NTV. The brothers told how the sum of their professional career, but also shared some details of his personal life. It turned out that the brothers tried to support each other in times of divorce, one of them with actress Agnia Ditkovskite. Chadov, Sr. stated that the next year after a breakup with his wife, his cousin lived with him, as Alexei was difficult to cope with the problems alone.

      Alexey Chadov: “my son stand face control”

      By the way, Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite had been married only a few years. During this time, they had a son Theodore, who this spring will be three years old. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, they try to maintain good relations and in turn spend time with the heir. Brother actor admits that to come to such a decision was krajno difficult, it is needed to grow and mentally prepare.

      “I supported him because it was hard. You know, when people grew up in single-parent family, and dreamed that he was full, and these dreams are crumbling, of course, difficult,” – said Andrey.
      Андрей Чадов объяснил, как брат перенес развод с Дитковските

      Despite all the difficulties, the two brothers have a good attitude to Agnes. For them, the most important is that Alexei’s son grows happy and not burdened at such a young age concerns parents. Andrew I wonder how he feels Fedor, and I’m glad every meeting with her nephew. I must say that Alex is Dating the heir to quite often. Together with his ex-wife, they decided that the baby will spend the first two weeks of the month with dad and one with mom. Thanks to that old lovers have the opportunity to with Fedor as much time as possible.

      Andrew rascal that whenever seen with his brother, who shows him a fun video featuring his son. He notes that the boy is very much like his father. According to the artist, some manner of child is talking about his strong willed character. Chadov Sr. also stated that Alex has changed a lot since the birth of the baby. “When a son is born, he suddenly matured. He is the father’s just mad,” said the program Andrew.

      Chadov believes that such relationships which they had with his brother, something that requires constant work on yourself. According to the actor, it is important to be able to maintain a close person at the right time and to be there when you need it most. The man reported that never starts a conversation on the topic of friendship, because his best friend throughout life remains Alex.

      “For me, this “best friend”? If I didn’t have a brother, then I could have someone to call best friend, but I have so,” said Andrew in an interview to the program “One day”.