Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами» New bride star was a judge named Vyacheslav. They poznakomilis on one of her concerts. The singer revealed to “StarHit” secrets about the upcoming celebration and the fans.
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»

Last week, the much discussed wedding of Julia Nachalova. Supposedly after her breakup with hockey player Alexander Frolov singer finally met a new love. He was a judge named Vyacheslav. The couple already had the first joint output. Holding hands, they appeared on the carpet MUZ-TV. Although rumor has it that this is not the only suitor of the actress. Julia openly shared with “StarHit” how it feels in a new way and why my daughter probably wants to marry her.

“Do not weep”

Julia, when I saw you with a handsome Vyacheslav, fans were delighted and even managed to marry…
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»Thank really impressive and a very nice man. We met at one of my concerts, he gave a bouquet of flowers. Got to talking and realized that they liked each other. Now look up, meet. But yet consider themselves free and independent woman. By the way, these emotions wrote a new song that we have to be strong and to build themselves a destiny.—
Many believe that in the XXI century it is difficult to find a pair. Agree?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»Yes, it is difficult because of the General emancipation. Ladies put on a lot of responsibilities, which should not perform. But they have, because men are lazy. The double-edged sword. Think about it, the next time you start to open the door in the car, stop and wait, so did someone else.
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»
Do not afraid of loneliness?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»I’ve never been one. Next to me by parents, daughter Vera, close friends who always support it. Even learned to get pleasure from the fact that there was a time that I dedicate just to myself sitting alone at home, bring thoughts in order, thinking about life. As for men, it is not guessing. Believe in destiny and try to think only about good, and not to shed tears.—
What qualities must your partner possess?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»Kind, sincere, with sense of humor. You will not be able to communicate with knight, who can’t tell a joke. And I appreciate the dedication. It needs to be a champion in the business. And I don’t mean sport.—
But you carried on athletes – football player, hockey player… Say, a coincidence?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»Well, what’s not to love? My example merely shows that education and sport go together. However, to build a personal life from this profession will be unlikely, after all, for many years have done work on the bugs.


Communicate with Evgeny Aldonin the father of your daughter?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»Unlike many broken pairs we managed to stay friends. Even with her mother in law, grandmother Lena, keep warm relationship. At the moment Faith is resting with dad in Turkey. Go to support – Eugene opens in Kemer football Academy. They are very friendly. My father often picks her up from school, drives to the country.
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»
Faith wants you to suit personal life?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»She is now 11 years old. This is absolutely an adult child with his point of view. Our relationship is built on trust. Know she always can suggest something and focus on the positive. On a subconscious level understands what it takes to a loved one. Imagine, she actually said in a couple interviews that were given on their own, she wants her mom found a true love, got married and was happy.
We wish you the same! The more you look so beautiful. What kind of miracle diet?
Юлия Началова: «Завязала со спортсменами»I wouldn’t say thin. Just follow a diet and arrange fasting days. For example, yesterday drank only juices.—
Now the summer holidays. Plan to go somewhere?
No. Recently shot a video for the song “I choose”. I will now work on its promotion. The work is complete. But I hope that’ll be out somewhere in August, and probably not alone.