Полина Гагарина довела себя до анорексии Fans believe that the singer has health problems. Such a conclusion can be drawn looking at the latest pictures of Polina Gagarina in a swimsuit.
Полина Гагарина довела себя до анорексии

Summer vacation 31-year-old singer spends together with her son and husband in Greece. And while Polina Gagarina enjoying the sun, sea and family happiness, the web is excitedly discussing the much-changed a star shape. A heated debate was aroused by the photo of the actress, which she published a few hours ago. The picture shows Pauline appeared extremely thin, with prominently protruding edges. Even a spouse Gagarina noticed in the comments that his wife much “ribs sticking out”.

“It is a shame when so ribs sticking out”, “Oh, my God. And it’s standards of beauty!? It is terrible to watch!” “Eat pies”, “not very,” commented the fans of the singer.

By the way, Gagarin never suffered from the problem of excess weight. Only once, when gave birth to first child, son Andrew, Pauline gained a bit of weight, but quickly got into shape.

Now she plays a lot of sport. Your workouts she regularly posts online, and often complains of the strictness of his personal trainer. However, most often, in a joking manner. Namely the training helped Pauline to maintain the figure during the second birth. Fans even noticed that once again, mom, the actress began to look even better, and her figure slimmer.

However, some fans believe that Pauline no longer play sports because she’s got a great figure. “Let your coach tormentor goes on vacation, you don’t need to exercise until he lost consciousness,” he advised her subscribers.

Gagarin itself to all comments responds with humor. For example, on review of the husband on the protruding ribs, she replied: “Darling, they can be washed! If anything,” she wrote.