Julia Mikhalchik divorced her husband-businessman

Юлия Михальчик развелась с мужем-бизнесменом The singer left the father of her child. The reasons why to decide on such a desperate step, the artist does not wish to speak. Three-year-old son of the stars of “American idol” will continue to live with her.

      Юлия Михальчик развелась с мужем-бизнесменом

      After four years of joint life of 31-year-old singer, star of “American idol 3”, decided to put an end to the relationship with her husband – 33-year-old businessman Vladimir Goewin. On March 3, in the Ostankino district court of Moscow held a meeting at which a couple is officially divorced.

      “It was my initiative, − has shared with “Stricom” Mikhalchik. We did everything quietly, peacefully, without scandals. Our son, Alexander, in March he turns 3 years old, stays with me. Vladimir, of course, will be to see the child, to raise him and financially support”.

      Goyim and Mikhalchik got married in 2012, before them in a few years shared a friendship. Before the official marriage Julia also had an affair with her ex-husband singer Valeria, the composer Alexander Shulgin, which resulted in a loud parting. According to environment Mikhalchik, she just could not stand the controversial nature of Shulgin and before you met her had the reputation of a violent and aggressive man.

      When it became known that Yulia has found her happiness in the face of the businessman Vladimir Goyim, fans of the singer sighed with relief, and when the couple had a son, many at all have been certain that this relationship can be called strong. However, young parents have failed to save the marriage, despite the fact that their child is only three years.

      The reasons of rupture with her husband Mikhalchik to say not willing, but because its many fans left wondering about what could have driven her to such a desperate step. I must say, the artist, and had never sought to communicate with outsiders on the subject of personal life, but because long concealed and new relationships, and first pregnancy.

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