Юлия Костюшкина похудела на 20 килограммов
The TV presenter believes that an ideal shape to her left to throw five more.

Julia Her

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Her Julia came out fully reformed. After the second pregnancy, when the presenter is currently in no way denied that she’s lost weight. The fight against excess weight (at the same time, an interesting situation they were about twenty) started Her as soon as he returned home from the hospital.

Fortunately, the contacts of the best professionals, from beauty therapists to nutritionists and fitness coaches, were under her hand. Under their strict guidance was about all the heroes of the program “I grow thin” on NTV, which was led by a star.
Now it was necessary to lose weight and Julia. The results achieved by the star, one has only to admire and envy.

For three months Julia took off 20 pounds and got back to the weight she had before pregnancy.
However, Her progress did not stop. “I want to get the perfect shape, which I haven’t had — smiling TV presenter. — She left me about 5 pounds. The second birth gave me the motivation to make your figure like this, which I had before the first pregnancy”.

The secret of rapid weight loss of stars is simple: proper nutrition, exercise, and cryo-treatments.

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