Юлия Ковальчук не стесняется своих морщин
The singer is not afraid of aging.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Julia Kovalchuk — one of the few in the business who
is always in excellent physical shape and good looking. It correctly
fed, regularly visits the beautician, sports. Kovalchuk
sure to care for yourself, your body and face need not when
appeared the first wrinkles much earlier to slow down
the process of aging.

At 34 years old Julia
looks amazing. But recently, Kovalchuk admitted that they did not shy
their wrinkles, on the contrary, she believes that they give her a special charm. Kovalchuk has published a picture, which she
very natural. “I would not make in
this photo is nothing! — says the singer. Not
would remove any wrinkles, and not tossed to accurately hair. It
air, life and the real me”.

Recall that in one interview, the singer admitted that he does not believe in diets. It sure does work
split and low-calorie food, reducing the volume of food, not
some kind of “magic” mix. “When you feel heaviness, arrange unloading
day on vegetables. Soup, stews, or grilled vegetables — they can easily live
a day or two, and the result is very good, — says the singer. — I gave blood,
to learn what foods I can eat and what is not”. In the end, Kovalchuk
refused bell pepper, radish, pork and almost all fruits.
“The blood test showed that fruit I contraindicated. They contribute
the appearance of cellulite, ” says the singer. I praised masseur: “Julia,
you have virtually no cellulite!” I said as Pete, mentioned,
what not to eat the fruit, and the therapist confirmed that fructose in combination with other
products indeed contributes to the formation of “orange peel”

I would not make this photo! Would not take away any wrinkles, and not be tossed gently hair.. it air, life and the real me? only the most favorite could make such a beautiful photo shoot with me! While I’ll save all new photos in the future , but for now here they are magicians and wizards: Foto @temnikovnikolay Make up @Hair stolyarovyuriy @alex_nagorsky Style @alisaboha

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