Юлия Ковальчук умилила трогательными словами к мужу
Popular singers Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov together for ten years, and in 2013 they got married.

Юлия Ковальчук умилила трогательными словами к мужу

Periodically there are rumors about difficulties in the relationship of the spouses, but they are not true. The other day a couple celebrated a decade of relations, with what touching congratulated beloved husband of Julia.

Юлия Ковальчук умилила трогательными словами к мужу

“Without the words I’ll be around for a while, In your hands, as in a quiet Harbor, Breath warm like a blanket, Not remembering about the time, but should I? We have ten years, most do not believe, From Breakfast to a deep twilight, through the Eyes of love, argue and make peace, a Moment of sadness as a century. To be for you to be like a Stone, Be you a flower and wisdom, We are not teenagers are crazy, but crazy is a bit silly. Can be so until old age, Before you as before God, per opening, and know that sorrow, the Heart will warm to me in a whisper. Without the words I’ll be there…” — left on the page post singer.

Recall that the couple grows a lovely daughter that was born in October last year.

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