Julia Kovalchuk arguing on the Internet

Юлия Ковальчук выясняет отношения в Интернете
The singer unveiled a new video for the song “Becoming strangers.”

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Julia Kovalchuk and rap artist VOVA submitted its candid video for the song “Be
strangers.” Music video Directors were Denis Khrushchev and Alexander
Chudnenko already worked with Julia over the clip “up In smoke”.

Clip story is story of a girl avenging the young man at all
them caused resentment for the love he
not appreciated. “The storyline is my
idea. Nothing personal I in this story
invested. Similar story in my life was not. I myself am against clarify
relations online. It seems to me that the personal life should remain
personal. Yes much more interesting and call the person, hear his voice, and when
to see, touch and only then to discuss. But in reality
relationship and breakup on the Internet is quite common that we
notice in the clip, says
Kovalchuk. — The idea of the video is very relevant
today, as more and more young live online: learning in
online, fight, reconcile, break up again and transferred her status to “all
difficult.” This behavior can be attributed to a serious social problem
the company, which is worth paying attention to.”

Shooting the video took place in the apartments of Moscow-city. This place
was not chosen by chance: the creators of the clip wanted to show the beautiful
morning view of Moscow from the height of bird flight and, thereby, to transmit the right
morning mood.

The most excitement at the singer’s left of climactic scenes,
that was filmed late at night in a big tub filled with milk. “In the tub was cold enough — said Julia. — To create the required feeling of warmth and comfort.
Trying to warm, I asked every 10 minutes to top up from a kettle boiling water. It is this scene I will remember for a long time”.

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