Юлия Ауг исполнила мечту 85-летней мамы
Not one actress came to the festival in Vyborg.

Юлия Ауг исполнила мечту 85-летней мамы

Julia Aug with mother Evgenia Efimovna

Photo: Helen Is Wonderful

At the film festival “Window to Europe” Julia Aug was one of
the victors even before the announcement of the results. She played in three
the pictures that showed in Vyborg. This is a youth film “Hit”,
experimental documentary-feature film “Touch the wind” and
drama “Metamorfosi”.

The actress came to the festival with her mother Eugenia
Efimovna. “In December was not my husband, and it kept all of our
the farm — house and three dogs. Now I’m in the family the only person who
earns money, so mother and daughter Polina is changing and someone is sitting on
the economy, and someone has a rest, — told 7days.ru Julia Aug. And now it was the turn mom to rest. And
in addition, she had a dream to come with me on a stellar track. And I
her wish was granted here in the Vyborg film festival. When a person is 85 years,
but he still wants something and wants — this is happiness! Mom is here watching a movie,
including with my participation, but it was a little like that — and that’s fine, I’m happy
she’s not grooming me”.

Julia said that her daughter is a student of GITIS Polina Aug —
taking the first steps in the profession. And maybe soon she followed the mother will come
to submit your films. “Of course, I worry about its relevance
in the acting profession. She is all uneasy with this, because it has a bright
and special appearance. Pauline goes on
a large number of castings and very rarely argue. Its like father and son
‘re my, she loves Alexei Fedorchenko. But as soon as there is talk of more
media projects or casting for TV channels, it does not say, because all
time the question arises — how it will be mounted with the other actors. For
I, of course, it does not matter — it will be mounted!”

Julia Aug with daughter Polina

Photo: Instagram Paulina Aug

At the time, Julia Aug also often heard from the producers that of course she’s a good actress, but no such
the person on the channel is not necessary, because the Aug is a profound art film. “But things are changing!”, — smiling actress, who has already played brilliantly in
series “Catherine the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, as well as in the project Method”
Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva, which became a sensation last
of the TV season.

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