В Голливуде снимут «женский» ремейк «Друзей Оушена»
The gang of Oushena will be collected only stars of the first magnitude.

В Голливуде снимут «женский» ремейк «Друзей Оушена»

George Clooney, brad pitt, Matt Damon, Elliott Gould and don Cheadle

became known cast of the film, which is a female
version of the popular franchise about the adventures of Danny ocean’s friends. However, in the new
the movie, unlike the first three parts of the movie series, all the main role will play
exclusively ladies. The film was called “Ocean’s Eight” which is literally translated as “Eight oceans”

В Голливуде снимут «женский» ремейк «Друзей Оушена»

Sandra Bullock

В Голливуде снимут «женский» ремейк «Друзей Оушена»


famous of the already announced participants of the project – Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham
Carter, Sandra bullock and Rihanna. Two less
eminent participants – Aquafina actress who became famous after the movie “Neighbors:
on the trail of war 2” and mindy Kaylee from “Night at the Museum 2”. But who will be the eighth
a member of the gang is not yet known. Although rumor has it that this position may
to take another star singer Beyonce. About it reported the edition “the Hollywood Reporter”.

Cate Blanchett

by the way, this year has already released another female remake of the famous
blockbuster “Ghostbusters”. And he, alas, has not been too successful. “Hunters…” not even returned to the Studio budget amounts, and
it was considerable. The creation of the film was spent $ 150 million.
Therefore, the creators of the “Eight” ocean ” decided to draw the correct conclusions from the failure
my colleagues and I planned a much smaller budget, the benefit of the film is not
requires a lot of expensive special effects as “the Hunters…”

The Director of the group of eight, as announced,
will Gary Ross, who directed “the Hunger games”. A producer appointed Steven Soderbergh, the former at the time the Director of “11 friends of Oushena”. Shooting a new
the film is expected to begin in October this year, as only Soderbergh will finish
work on his current project “Lucky Logan”.

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