Julia and Tigran Salibekov celebrate a housewarming

Юлия и Тигран Салибековы отмечают новоселье
Moving into a new apartment stars of the TV project “Dom-2” Tigran and Julia Saribekovich happened on the eve of Easter.

Юлия и Тигран Салибековы отмечают новоселье

A long-awaited move was delayed several times because of what Julia was very worried.

The girls even got depressed.

But Julia had posted a video of a new apartment, sharing his joy with the fans.

“Hurrah! You can congratulate us! We have finally moved! Decided to celebrate, because we so long ago dreamed of this “kopeck piece”. Well, what is family night without our favorite sushi” – shared the girl.

Congratulations Saribekovich family moving into a new home!

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