Джуди Гарленд страдала от сексуальных домогательств актёров-карликов

During the filming of a music tape of 1939 “Wizard of Oz” actress Julia garland, who played in the film the main character Dorothy, were subjected to sexual harassment by her colleagues. This was reported by the third husband of the actress Led Laft in his biographical book, “Judy and I: my life with Judy garland” (“Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland”).

In the memoir, Led reports that the actors of the dwarfs, who played the Blue country Munchkins were over forty. They believed that no one will pay attention and did not punish them for this kind of leprosy. During the filming, the men would often put her hands under her skirt Julia, but Garlant at the time was only sixteen years old. These shots made her life unbearable, but after the release of the film, she received the youth “Oscar” for this role.
The book Led also says that kinobossy was given to Julia, then still a teenager, special drugs, so she remained slim and was always ready to work. In addition, the diet of the actress consisted only of chicken broth and coffee.
“They wanted so we worked day and night, and gave us some pills to remain on his feet around the clock” recalled Julie demanding shooting. When kinobossy wanted to give the girl to sleep, she was simply given sleeping pills because she can’t sleep she could not.
“What they gave drugs to children, was a big dark secret that was known only close to the Studio”- said in his book Laft.
Julia had gone to another world at the age of 48 in 1969. The author of the memoirs passed away in 2005, but the book of his memoirs, written by the author Randy Schmidt will be available only this year.