Jon snow is back to drive you crazy with their buttocks

Джон Сноу вернулся, чтобы свести с ума своими ягодицами

Fans of “Game of thrones” to discuss the resurrection of the Lord Commander.

I think Bok was not as pleased with the return of Carlson, how the world enthusiastically welcomed the resurrection of Jon snow. His return from obscurity has called the main event this year. And most surprisingly, a huge number of comments in social networks about cambece is not connected with the impending victory over the white walkers under the leadership of snow, and with it, sorry, loin. Your ass bastard lit up, getting up from his deathbed.

“Lord, what jagodichki”, “it was worth rise”, “they’re so cute,” “Such a muffin, I want to bite” – that’s only part of the complementary feedback on the fan sites of the series. Someone even installed croup snow on the page as avatars. Especially jubilant fans of the fantastic Saga, which used in their favorite TV show basically naked women or homosexuals. And here on you, straight, and even what. Knowing what feelings to the hero kit Harington feels the U.S. President’s wife Michelle Obama, we can assume that the authors of the project for such a broad erotic gesture will get another Emmy.

In General, the buttocks, snow has done more noise than the death of his father ned stark. The excitement, which I due to the physiological characteristics to divide, alas, can not. And all fans of strong male seat I recommend to watch the picture “Striped flight”. Hero Yevgeny Leonov, running away from a tiger, shows his ass in all its glory.

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