Джоли мечтает усыновить еще детей после развода с Питтом

Angelina Jolie is a mother of three and three adopted children. It is noteworthy that to adopt kids actress started before her family had relatives. Now the family Jolie is not going through the easiest period: Angelina divorce brad pitt and is doing everything possible to protect all children from fellowship with the father. Note that pitt has also adopted Maddox, pax and Zahara.

But now it turned out, six children, Jolie is not going to stop.

Apparently, she decided to “outdo” Madonna in the number of foster children (recall from Madge at the moment, four children not relatives) and expressed a desire to take his family and “newbies”.

As the informant told reporters HollywoodLife.com 41-year-old Jolie is still looking for ways to be useful to society, because she is ready to become a mother to several children who need it.

Says an insider, now that her children are older, Jolie realizes that she needs help until can do, because the new foster kids in the near future it will be in her family.

“First, she wants to dot the I in pitt, and then she’ll move on,” concluded the insider.