Джонни Депп приедет в Москву с «Голливудскими вампирами»
A famous actor leaves the movie.

Джонни Депп приедет в Москву с «Голливудскими вампирами»

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper


Johnny Depp, it seems, decided to end his career. In the nearest
time, he is going to be filmed in Hollywood and performing on stage as
a rock musician. Spring johnny is going to go on a big tour of Europe in the group
“Hollywood vampires”. Will start the concerts of this tour in Moscow, and then
followed by shows in Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

As a part
The Hollywood vampires are, in addition to the Depp, two professional
musician Ellis Cooper and Joe Perry. Depp,
which about a career in music even before he became an actor, met
Cooper in 2012, at the filming of “Dark shadows”. And since then,
the time was performing with them on stage. And in 2016, johnny joined the “Vampires»
during their hugely successful tour. And if the first time Depp has combined
with a musical career, but now he apparently is going to concentrate
on music.

after completion of the tour, johnny may begin to act the part of another
collective’s. As reported recently Marilyn Manson, whom Depp also
maintains close and friendly relations, johnny expressed his desire
to join his group at
a regular basis — once freed the guitarist.

The decision of Depp in
soon not to act — is not entirely voluntary. On the wave
the scandal with the Weinstein johnny recalled the allegations of domestic violence,
the charges against the actor and his ex-wife amber heard. As a result, many fans
turned away from Depp. Moreover, collected thousands of signatures for
Johnny was expelled from the crew of the film “Fantastic
creature: Crime green de Wald” — a spin-off of Harry Potter. Although the movie creators seem to be able
to defend johnny, he doesn’t offer.

A scene from the movie “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald»

Photo: Outnow