Джонни Депп пытается скрыть правду о своем браке
The actor hopes to get amber heard to keep quiet.

Джонни Депп пытается скрыть правду о своем браке

Johnny Depp

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the divorce of johnny Depp and amber heard, who was married only 15 months, there was a new twist. The actor said
that refuses to discuss any issues related to division of property,
until then, until it receives assurances that his wife will not tell more
nothing about their marriage.

the request of his client, attorney Laura Wasser, known for others
loud divorce of celebrities, demanded that amber
signed an agreement not to disclose any details concerning their
married life. And before the signing of the document, warned Vasser, Depp
does not intend to conduct any negotiations related to his divorce. That is
in fact, johnny is going to deny Hurd, who accused him of beatings,
the right to talk about how he treated her.

reputable overseas lawyers believe that is a very good move on the part
Depp and his lawyer. However, some people thought that the requirement of signing of the contract
nondisclosure is tantamount to an actor of his guilt. After all, if johnny is so
insists on silence amber — so he has something to hide. That is, he
really beat his wife!

And although the legal force of such “recognition” will not have, it can seriously
to damage the reputation of the actor. However,
it’s possible that Depp will not have to experience the effect of signing
contract. To date, amber refuses to take
the obligation to confidentiality of their married life.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Splash News/East news

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