John Stamos will become a father

Джон Стамос станет отцом

The star of the show “the fuller house”, John Stamos is waiting for replenishment in the family with his wife Kathleen McHugh, and told reporters People.

Джон Стамос станет отцом

I have long believed that his life full of popularity and fame, something was missing, now his family will be complete. “I always wanted to be a father. To be honest, I have to start to work on them,” says Stamos in an exclusive interview to foreign publications People on Friday. “People say I look young and you really start to believe that you will live to 150. But then you Wake up and realize that it is not. This is not some kind of rehearsal for real life.” People can say “You have to have a baby.” and I was like “the Train has left.”

But as it turned out, the train hasn’t left yet. Moreover, previous marriage with actress Rebecca Romaine, which lasted from 1998 to 2005, had taught him many things. “I was young. I didn’t have the right values,” the actor explained. “I was kicking and screaming on the road to adulthood.”

Джон Стамос станет отцом

After the death of his father William in 2001, Stamos broke. The father helped him in the beginning of his fame, insisting that the actor continued to cook burgers in a family restaurant. “I just stopped to understand who I am and who seek to be,” says Stamos. “You’re starting to betray their faith. This went on and on, and suddenly I was like “Wait a minute.” I wish I could cope with this early. My heart was broken. I loved my father. It broke and my mother too.”

His mother Loretta died in 2014, making Stamos began a dark period. In 2015 it caught for drunk driving, and after a month the actor was in rehab. But he will get through it. “You must be honest with yourself and keep moving. I gave up. It was selfish,” says the actor. “I was lucky. How could I do that? I had two wonderful parents. How could I be so selfish and think only about yourself? But you need to make concessions. You have to give up: I don’t know what I’m doing. It doesn’t work.”

But Stamos knew that his parents would be proud of him if he becomes a good father. “It just kills me that my parents aren’t with me, but I know that all this would not have happened if they were not up there,” says the actor. “You know, when you raise your father, I imagine that he’s some kind of superhero, and virosta suddenly realize that he’s just a man. I never got to this point, until he died. I loved him more than life.”

Stamos and Caitlin McHugh met in 2011, when played together in one of the episodes of episodic TV series “Law and order. The special case”, though, and started only 5 years later. Caitlin told the publication Peoplе that doesn’t want to reveal your relationship and make available to the public. “We try to keep our personal life away from prying, as you can see, how to develop and how to end a relationship in public. We value our personal lives. We don’t want the public commenting on our relationship and talked, as they should be. We are very happy together, and hopefully always will be!” says Caitlin.