Джон Ледженд и Крисси Тейген готовятся к рождению сына

In April 2016, the Oscar-winning singer John legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen first child was born – a daughter that happy parents named the Moon Simon Stevens.

The pair did not hide the fact that the baby was conceived through IVF. Thanks to the moon johnny and Chrissy become full-fledged family that soon they plan to expand. About the birth of a baby brother to the moon recently spoke very Tagen.

TV presenter admitted that they had stored another embryo of the male, which may soon turn into a child.

“No, I’m not pregnant. I said that our next child will be a boy, because the embryo of this floor, we remained,” replied Chrissy on users ‘ questions about if she is pregnant.

Note that the procedure of in vitro fertilization the couple ran after 9 years of unsuccessful attempts to become parents.

“John had a problem. Our first child would be born five or six years ago, if not for that…“said Chrissy on the show Tyra banks. There Teigen said that if the pregnancy failed, they Legendum were ready even to adopt a child.