У Эштона Катчера сдали нервы из-за жены-эмигрантки

The number of dissatisfied with the policy of Donald trump against immigrants (trump has banned the entry of citizens of Iraq,Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen) added another stellar name. The actions of its new President criticizes Ashton Kutcher.

At the ceremony of awarding prize of the screen actors Guild, the actor delivered a fiery speech in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of Donald. The main argument that led Ashton, became his wife Mila kunis, who emigrated many years ago to the United States from Ukraine.

Kutcher said that people who crossed the border into the United States, “are already part of the country,” and the means to support them and help wrong.

“You are part of the society which we all are, and we love you and are happy to welcome you at the awards screen actors Guild”, excitedly said Ashton. The audience in the hall was supported by Kutcher burst of applause.

His speech Ashton secured a post in a social network. In his Twitter, the actor wrote that his wife is a refugee: “”My wife came to this country on a visa of a refugee in the middle of the cold war! My blood just boils!”